The new metro line provokes store renting

The brand new open metro line in Sofia provokes interest for renting of stores in the nearby areas. In the next three months will become clear if this interest will lead to real deals. At this moment the rates of the flats located half to one kilometer from the new metro stations have a growth of 10 %, the rates of store renting – 5 – 15 %.

More deals are expected for the stores, because they’ll have much more potential clients. For example, the chain of stores Piccadilly opened new supermarket at the new metro station at the National Palace of Culture just days after the new line started to work.

The experience says, that when the first metro line reached the biggest living quarter Lulin, there was grown interest for real estates only for the first two years, after the things went back to the usual levels.

In the last six months the deals with real estates in Sofia have a decrease of 26 %, and the rates – of 2 – 4 %. The people’s expectations are for continuous decrease, but accordingly to the experts this will not happen. The customer’s concerns change from smaller to bigger flats. In the next few years is expected growth of the real estate deals and rate in some areas in Sofia.

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