The property deals in Sofia increase in this year

The real estate market in Sofia this year got activated and much more deals are expected to be counted in the end than in the last one, the real estates agencies announce. They do not engage to inform how much is the growth, but marked that in the last year the customers have been waiting, and in this they are in rush to finish the deals until the end of the year.

From all areas in Sofia the clients search most properties in the city center because of the hard traffic, but the finished deals are mainly for the living quarters Mladost, Lulin, Studentski grad and Banishora. This shows that the clients search for cheap properties, but on communicative places. The homes in closed complexes are getting much popular because of the security, the good quality of building works and the maintaining of the areas.

Manastirski livadi area was underrated because of the absence of streets, but now the situation is much better and many clients choose it because of the low rates and the near mountain.

The real estates rates have reached the bottom already and the experts think that the rates in the quality buildings will not get cheaper. Most wanted are the two – bedroom flats in the center of the city with rates from 60 000 to 75 000 EUR. About the half of the deals are with rates more than 200 000 EUR, and this shows that the clients search for quality properties.

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