The terrorist act in Sveta Nedelya church

The communist terrorist act in Sveta Nedelya church is the heaviest terrorist act in the world at this time, and the heaviest in the whole Bulgarian history. It is organized on 16. 04. 1925. before Easter by group of ultra activists of the Bulgarian communist party, who blow the roof of the church. The victims are 213 people, the wounded are more than 500. Among the victims are many officers from the Bulgarian army: 12 generals, 15 colonels and other; many civilians including children.

The terrorist act is performed during the burial service of army general Konstantin Georgiev, previously killed by communist activists too. The members of the government left with light injuries. The military wing of the illegal at this time Bulgarian communist party bribes the sexton of the church Petar Zadgorski, and with his help the two communist terrorists Petar Abajiev and Asen Pavlov put 25 kilograms at the roof of the church. Accordingly to the plan, when all people are inside for the funeral ceremony, Petar Zadgorski gives sign to Nikola Petrov to blow up the explosives and both leave the church.

The explosion destroys the main dome of the church over the crowded people. The explosion in the closed room makes additional big damages.

In the evening after the terrorist act in Bulgaria is announced war footing. Three of the organizers succeed to escape through Serbia into the Soviet Union. First they try to kill their helper Petar Zadgorski, but he surrenders to the police and makes full confessions. The location of the both leaders of the military wing of the communist party is located quickly. The one – Kosta Yankov, is killed during a shooting with the police, the other – Ivan Minkov, performs a suicide before the arrest. In the trial one of the arrested – Marko Fridman confesses that the act is financed by the Soviet Union through banks in Wien. All involved receive death penalties and are hung at public.

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