The valley of the Thracian kings

The valley of Kazanlak in Central Bulgaria is rich with Thracian tombs, ancient monuments that are explored from the beginning of the 20 – th century. The first serious trove in the valley is found on 19. 04. 2010. This has been the first at this time Thracian tomb murals dating from the end of the 4 – th century B.C. This tomb is amazing monument of the Thracian art. It is world – famous because of it’s wonderful murals in the hallway and in the dome room, one of the best preserved ancient painting arts.

In 1965 two more mounds are discovered in the Kazanlak valley. Inside of them are discovered rooms made of stones and bricks, that are recognized as tombs. The first one is located near the town of Maglij and contains long hallway and several rooms. The wall have partially preserved murals, showing pictures of plants, pots and chariots. The second one is located near the village of Krun, it has been half – ruined and because of this not explored.

30 years later – on 27. 09. 1995. a team of archaeologists discovered similar tomb, but with very well preserved temple. They call it Krun 2. This tomb is discovered in the Sarafova mound near the village of Krun. It contains hallway and two rectangular funeral rooms, covered with multicolor friezes.

In 1993 some treasure – hunters discovered one of the biggest Thracian compounds in the Ostrusha mound near the town of Shipka. It is located on area of 100 square meters at the Northern half of the mound. Contains five rectangular and one circle rooms. The funeral room is built from 2 stone blocks with copmplete weight 60 tones. Such kind of funeral compound has been not discovered in the whole region.

In 1996 are discovered three Thracian tombs in the Shushmanetz necropolis near the town of Shipka: Grifonite, Helvetia and Shushmanetz.

On 19. 08. 2010. in the depths of the Svetitza mound, located 3 kilometers away from the town of Shipka was discovered stone tomb with unbelievable founds of The thracian arts: unique golden mask, golden ring, bronze armor, antic pots and parts of weapons. The ruler’ s tomb is built from stone tiles covered with lining.

In the Golyama Kostmatka mound near the town of Shipka is located one of the biggest and richest tombs in our lands. The circle tomb is 20 meters high with diameter 900 meters.

The exploring of the Vallley of the Thracian kings as tourist destination seems sure.

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