The young people run away from Bulgaria

About 70 % of the Bulgarians do not like their life in the country. So, there is nothing strange that more and more people are moving away. The people that leave Bulgaria are mostly young and well educated. And 20 % of these 450 000 that have returned want to leave again.

In the 90’s the emigrants left away because of the heavy inflation and unemployment, but today the leaving ones are well educated young people that can find work in Bulgaria, but they just don’t like the conditions. The development of Bulgaria is very slow for them even after the membership of Bulgaria in the European union.

A fact is that today there are in Bulgaria a lot of modern shops with expensive clothes and more and more people can have a vacation outside of the country, for example, but the people that have learned or worked outside Bulgaria are disappointed after their return. Their hope that the country will have economical and political rising just does not happen.

The hard economical situation and the low labor payment are not the only reasons for the brain leaking. There is a big corruption that is very harmful for the making of business. The people can not assure good education to their children. And most of all, there are just not enough opportunities.

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