Third of March – Bulgarian national feast

Third of March is the greatest Bulgarian national feast, celebrating the freedom and independence of Bulgaria after 500 years of vassalage in the Ottoman empire. On third of March 1878 is signed the contract in San Stefano that ends the war between Russia and Turkey and gives the first steps for freedom of Bulgaria.

After desperate battles with the overcoming Turkish troops, in 1396 Bulgaria finally looses its independence and is enslaved by the Ottoman empire. In the next five centuries the Bulgarians loose their country, identity, religion and freedom but don’ t loose their hope. After many riots smashed by the Turkish troops comes the rebellion in April 1876, brutally crashed by the turks again. This time the cruel treatment of the Turkish authorities, killing women and children and burning churches, houses and whole villages could not be left without consequences.

In 1877 Russia declares war on Turkey. 276 000 Russian soldiers are located on the Danube river and in June the same year the first troops cross it and step in Bulgaria at the town of Svishtov. This is followed by hard battles with the Ottoman troops that hold every piece of what is left of their empire. One of the most heroic moments is at the peak of Shipka in Stara Planina mountain, when outnumbered group of Bulgarian rebellions holds with everything possible the incoming Turkish army (on the picture). On third of March 1878 the war ends with victory for Russia and signing of the peace contract in the village of San Stefano near Istanbul. This is the beginning of the new independent Bulgarian country and one of the most glorious dates in the Bulgarian history.

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  1. maria says:

    In the next five centuries the Bulgarians loose their country, identity, religion……VERIFY that!

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