Three new golf courses in Sozopol

Sozopol will have three new golf courses according to the latest changes in the town’s architectural plan. That was announced by Sozopol’s mayor Panayot Reizi. Each plot will have a total area of approximately 1 000 decares and the municipality will keep its ownership rights for most of the land.

In relation to the golf developments an airport for small airplanes will be constructed between the villages of Ravna Gora and Izvor. The port’s landing track will be 1800 m long and will be constructed over an old non-functioning agricultural airport.

The municipal administration also intends to improve the local infrastructure. It was promised that all issues regarding the water supply, the main drainage system and road networks to be solved completely in two years.

According to Sozopol’s mayor, these initiatives and developments will attract a different type of tourists into the area. The municipal administration hopes to co-operate with large and serious investors who will spare no efforts and money for completing the new developments.

The new sport complexes are also expected to include private land plots in order to meet investors’ demands. Constructing a big entertainment park is also considered near the road between Sozopol and Bourgas, close to the “Gradina” camping site.

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