Tourist Information and Travel Agencies

Usefull and up-to-date information relating to issues of accommodation, package holidays and excursions in groups, ticket buys and sales, organizing of sightseeing tours and visits to sites of interest for foreign visitors, places and provisions for eating, catering, shopping etc., is provided by tourist centres, bureaus, agencies, councils, societies and so on, readily available in all sizeable towns and in resorts throughout the country.

To be found there, are also package holiday brochures, reference booklets and manuals, tourist guides and maps, post cards, city and town maps, road maps, tips and recommendations on trips and excursions for a day to near-by places of tourist interest, and other editions. The information is almost in all cases and everywhere given in English. For car drivers and all tourists using own vehicles for holiday making, information that might be helpful, concerning nearest refuelling stations, car services, car spareepart shops etc., is also provided at the above listed places.

Visitors to Sofia will be extensively facilitated by the information boards to be found on most of the busy locations of the city, containing city maps with all of the more important from the foreign tourists’ view places of interest therein.

Urban Transport

Well-organized and functioning public transport services are available everywhere in larger towns. Almost all kinds of public transport run in Sofia, trolley busses and busses are seen in the largest towns, while busses serve the public transport needs in smaller towns. Potential passengers are advised to take care and be supplied with tickets beforehand, which can be bought from street kiosks and booths near tram and bus stops. Tickets are to be punched in a machine on board before or right after the vehicle had pulled out. As a rule, there’s a flat fare on all routes (around 50 stotinki or half a leva), however, you may find fares to be more expensive on longer routes.

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