Transport in Bulgaria

When you live in Bulgaria temporary or permanently, one of the services you will need is transport, in case you do not have your own vehicle. There are different options. You can rent a car – the service starts from about 20 EUR per day for the smallest car, and can expand to 400 EUR per day for Rolls-Royce Phantom limousine, for example. Of course, the week or month rates are much negotiable.

The rates of the taxi services vary from 0.30 to 0.50 EUR per kilometer in Sofia and the big cities. There are still some exceptions, cheaters that can pump up the rate to 5 EUR per kilometer, so you must watch carefully the rates before enter a taxi, and also to look for good looking new cars, usually used by the good taxi companies that do not cheat.

For transport between different cities the one decision is the bus transport – there is well developed net of links between all towns with the capital Sofia, and also between the province centers. Most of the buses are comfortable, with good quality and quick. Another possibility is the transport with train – well, maybe except the main lines Sofia – Plovdiv and Sofia – Varna, we don’ t recommend this, unless you search for some adventures. You can also travel with plain withthe internal airlines Sofia – Varna and Sofia – Burgas.

For truck transport of furniture, etc. there are different options, the best choice is to entrust to good companies like

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