Transports and Transportation Services in Bulgaria

In matters of transportation Sofia is a node in a comprehensive set of international and domestic transport connections, and the country’s broadest set-up of transports when it comes to urban transportation capabilities, as well. Five main outgoing routes use the Central Railway Station of Sofia as a starting point radiating outwards on destinations to Belgrade, Varna (with a mid-route V-junction heading for Rousse), Bourgas, Istanbul, and Thessalonica (Athens), all with a number of further branches and sub-routes. Sofia’s Central Bus Terminal is in close reach east of the Central Railway Station. Bus terminals of the lines serving specific country bound destinations are grouped and labeled East, South and West bus terminals, respectively.

The Rita International Travel Agency is permanently at your services in its office, 5 Gen. Y. VI. Gourko Str. Domestic and International flights are round the-clock offered and available at the Sofia airport in Vrazhdebna – currently undergoing parallel re-construction. Transport services, concerning ticket sales, advance booking services and any travel information, are provided in the sub terrain Center of Transport Services at the National Palace of Culture.

The city transport is fairly well organized and functioning via a thick meshwork of trams, buses and trolleybuses. In addition, services are provided by a large amount of taxis, route taxis and car rentals. Since 1998 one of the several future routes (radial beam) of the Metropolitan railway of Sofia has been operable connecting downtown area with Obelya suburb village.

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Tourist Services

Quite a large number of tourist agencies are available in the city central area offering arrangement of any tourist services, useful information, and the like.

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