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It’s 5 on the morning, late autumn. We are staying at the airport in Sofia waiting for our new clients, yesterday we told good bye to the previous. What am I thinking about? Stressed by expectation to meet the new people?! No-ooo they are just the next ones, I already know their expectations, their requirements. I know what they need. What am I thinking about?

A cup of coffee of course! Where is it? You know all the bars at the National Airports are extremely expensive. Then …? You just need to find an office of a custom agency. And if you have coins (stotinka) then you can have one of it. Ohhh what about the flight? No, I can’t forget about it. Just to check at the desk. Expected-5.35 a.m. Arrived-5.30 a.m.  

20 minutes later: My colleague and I are still waiting with a sheet of paper in hands, it is written on it “Bulgarian Properties Mr. Rase”  Yes, they are here, he saw his name. “Good morning, I am Mr. Race, This is my wife”. We met each other so it’s a time to explain them where our car is and to help them with the baggage they carry. Of course they asked us in advance what the weather will be and after they had my advices from the weather forecast here they know that they should have jeans, several warm sweaters and warm shoes, jacket and of course t-shirts (all the English need them, as the climate is dry for compare to U.K. they feel warm here).

We are already at the car, I have just explained them how far away the place we are going to is. In fact the direction is Sofia – Arbanasy. What if I tell them how long in kilometers, one mile is 1.6 kilometer or by other words, it is about three hours in time between Sofia and Arbanasy.
What are we talking about???

How the flight was? Is BA the best? What is the speed permitted while traveling Bulgaria by car? What does it mean EU to Bulgarian people? Is it good to join EU? Is the buying of properties in Bulgaria an investment or an adventure? And the answers respectively are: BA are the best. 40 or 50 km. in all villages, towns and in the big cities, 90 through the roads connecting the different places in the country, 130 on the motor way, In EU is still the same, but they do their best for the infrastructure in Bulgaria, which is very important, The prices are going up slowly, the bad is that the monthly salaries are still too low.

The buying of the Bulgarian property is both investment and an advantage, a challenge to meet new people with different culture who are very hospitable, it is a please to by peace and calm for cheap. And one by one… they are now asking about the place they would like to see properties in. It is the region of Lovech, Balkan area in the gorgeous Stara Planina Mountain. Yes, our clients have a lot to see.

It is almost 10 a.m. we are already friends, the journey through the country is a pleasure for all of us. We have just reached Arbanassy and it is a time for all of us to go to bed. Which is the hotel? “Bolyarsko selo” why this one? It offers snug rooms for 50BGN for a couple per a night with a breakfast included. You have not an air conditioner, but it is hot enough from the local heating system heated by fire woods. The bathrooms/w.c. are good enough. Not luxury but it is pleasurable to stay there.

For this amount of money it is too good to be true. We managed to meet each other 1p.m. s we could start with the inspection visits of the properties from our client’s  wish list. 4 Hours later well equipped in jeans and sport shoes we are down stairs ready to go. What does the client say about it “The adventure starts” Yes, these are the words excellently describing the situation. We are going to the house no 1.

What about house no 1? It is the same like on the pics, but the client did not know that it is semi detached. The great number of stable built out door buildings definitely impressed our costumers. They already know they need the same old built house, old architecture, several outdoor building built of stones, large garden, private place, end village view toward the gorgeous mountain, and however the house must be detached.

Could we show something similar in the same village? No, we could not so we must go to the next one. Our clients I prefer to call friends for short – like the second house. Why? It offers all they are looking for. What is the next stage? Of course they should see some more properties, some more possibilities, they had a long journey from U.K. to Lovech so it is better for them to compare and this is our advice.

We offered them to see a house which is not included in their list of properties, but they could be interested in.  Unfortunately we can not go into the house as we have not an appointment with the owner. It is the final house, later our agent responsible for selling houses in Lovech region will contact the owners and will get the keys for tomorrow. We are going to the town of Lovech. It is not cold for the Bulgarians so for the English it is hot so we have time to spend on the central part of the town and to have a diner. Yes it was a long day, everything will go on tomorrow.

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