Village tourism

Along with the sea, spa and ski tourism in Bulgaria, popular throughout the world from many decades, in the last twenty years was developed the so called “village tourism”. In many cute Bulgarian villages were built “Guest houses”. At first time these were old village houses renovated at full. In the last years some people invest in bright new guest houses.

The phenomenon village tourism appeared due to the mass urbanization and the stressing life that lead people in the big cities. The calmness, silence and beauty of the cute guest houses in the romantic Bulgarian people are real panacea for the soul of the stressed urban person.

There are guest houses in the whole country – on the sea strip, in the villages near the seaside, near the ski resorts, but maybe most preferred are guest houses in small villages in mountain areas. Very popular and preferred villages in the provinces of Gabrovo and Veliko Tarnovo – there are a lot of nice places like Bozhentzi, Etara, Arbanassi, Tzarevetz, etc. Nice places in Stara Planina you can find near Troyan and Teteven too.

In South Bulgaria the preferred mountain guest houses are in the Rhodope mountain, but in the other mountains there are many nice places you can visit – near the ski resorts Borovetz, Bansko and Dobrinishte.

The problem with this tourism is the access if you don’t have a car. The public transport to the small villages is very complicated. because of this many of the owners of guest houses or tour operators offer transport to the nearest big city.

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  1. This is a great area but I agree you need a car as public transport is limited, and these places are spaced out. Veliko Tarnovo is surrounded by stunning scenery and the impressive historical Tzarevetz fortress which stages regularly the `Sound and Light show` event which you have to see the great effects…
    It has great accommodation and restaurants, and a mix of old and new.
    Bozhentzi, Etara, Arbanassi are small pretty revival villages with plenty of history too.

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