Visit Rhodopes with Bulgaria Air company

Julian Perry has devised a scaled-down programme for Bulgaria Air passengers

The ideal short walking breakn the Rhodopes should allow one a taste of the region’s wonderful nature, traditional way of life and rich culture. You could begin by wandering in the mountains above Assenovgrad visiting a cluster of monasteries, churches and chapels. Then, heading deeper into the heart of the Rhodope, hike through the Trigrad Karst region. There one can find several stunning caves – plus exceptional flora and bird-life.

Finally, one should move west towards Gotse Delchev and explore the trails around Kovachevitsa. This tour gives you the opportunity to discover the amazingly rich cultural and natural heritage of Bulgaria’s remote Rhodope mountains. Here the local people maintain a traditional rural existence, working the fields by hand and tending their livestock on the surrounding meadows and pastures.

The mountains are also a paradise for lovers of nature: the region’s biodiversity is internationally recognised as amongst the most varied and valuable in Europe. Due to its remoteness and the extensive range of habitats, the Rhodope boasts an amazing number of endemic plants, large stable populations of wolves, bears and other rare mammals, as well as an outstanding mix of birds that includes 37 species of raptor.

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