Visit Sofia Malls to spend a good time!

If we are talking about the malls of Sofia then we should mention the Central Sofia Mall, it a pretty large and modern building built on six floors two of which underground. The two levels are parking places you comfortable park your car and restaurants and bars. The ground floor offers stands of some of the most popular world makes such as Adidas, Puma for sport clothes; also Kenvelo and Lee Cooper jeans. It’s absolutely like the malls everywhere in West Europe and US, you can try everything you want.

In the mall you can find jewellery with the world popular make Altunbas as Swarovski can be find in Vitosha Bulevard (the Sofia trading street located in the very centre of the city).

You can continue with your shopping on the second and third floor, but if you are tired of your walking around in this “indoor town” you can stop for coffee or tea on the last floor or to have a lunch or a snack somewhere. The cafes and bars are great here.

You can find Sisley on the second floor as well as the expensive make Art shoes where a pair of shoes has the same price as a second hand car J , Repley and Diesel are also here.

Of course you will see a lot of sales here which will make you happy.

The third floor offers the best shops. As the fourth is the place you can enjoy great coffee.

So here you can spend a long time if you decide to do some shopping during your stay in Bulgaria. If we compare both malls – the Mall of Sofia and Central Sofia Mall, I liked Mall of Sofia more I swear. After my visit in Mall of Sofia (in fact I visited Central Sofia Mall first and Mall of Sofia after). I really was in love with it. I was looking forward the next weekend to spend a day more there. But as for the café bars they are better at Central Sofia Mall.

If you are looking for something with good quality and not so expensive the Mall of Sofia could be your favorite shop. “Terranova” as well as some Italian makes offers very attractive prices. By the way I saw a stand on the third floor in Central Sofia Mall where the clothe price were similar to Victoria secrets prices (not expensive) and with excellent design and quality.

I will wait a month and will buy some great things there. I’ve noted a great leather jacket (bomber) for 180 BGN and some belted jackets for 85 BGN, but I am not sure what was the make. If you prefer places like the luxurious mall you will like both malls for sure and you may think that the things you will find for sale there worth more then the things in the open markets. It’s the time when the cloth’s prices and designs for Spring /Summer 2008 could be compared.

But if you wish to spend a really funny day of your weekend or holiday in Sofia whatever you wish to spend money on the new collection or just to walk around or drink some coffee you can visit the Sofia malls.

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