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Welcome to the website of Bulgarian Properties, one of Bulgarian leading and well-known real estate agencies. If you are interested in purchasing a property in Bulgaria, this is the site where you can find what you looking for.

We constructed this website to satisfy increased worldwide investors interest in investment in real estates in the territory of Bulgaria. Our aim is to provide our foreign customers and partners with updated information about supply of properties by means of daily updated database of what is actually available in the Bulgarian Properties market.

We assure you that you will be provided with professional, timely and accurate service and your search will always receive our personal attention.

Refer to Buyers guide and Bulgarian Properties ads sections to check what is new on the market, make a choice and leave everything else to us!

There are currently zero properties listed on Bulgarian Properties.Info website. We are still searching for partners to advertise and/or publish offers in our Bulgarian properties website!

About Bulgarian Properties

Blog for cheap Bulgarian properties and houses for sale. Information how to buy property in Bulgaria and how to manage them. Free stories and tutorials.
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