What does it mean a best Bulgarian property?

They are two days after our new clients are with us and our team. They saw a small house which location has impressed them however they think that it is too small, they could not invite their friends or relatives for holiday. They don’t think that any extensions would be proper. I can not tell you now the number of the properties they have seen. But the true is they have not found their favorite one yet.

Today I am with them and as we already have a new group of clients comparing of an old English – a real gentleman and his daughter so we are with two cars one with the couple of the ex-fire man and her wife, a driver and me and the other one with the father and his daughter together assisting by my colleague – a young man. It’s a good job the boss is happy.

As bough groups are looking for a same thing – a great mountain view although the ones prefer a small house and the others big one, we are now going to a village all together. We went to a village in the gorgeous Stara Planina Mountain. The houses there are ordered in a row and a river is passing very close to them. There is snow. It’s too pretty. Everything is in white. The village has a grocery with a coffee shop. The house is a nice one.

It offers amenities such as a bathroom/w.c. inside, a nice kitchen; the bedrooms are three, located upstairs. There is a fire place. It’s a great place to spend your holiday time. Although the problem is that the garden is only some 250 sq.m. which is typically for the mountain villages, but it does not satisfy our English clients.

We are now going to a house, which I know like the best one. It is not at the price limit of the clients, but they want to see it. The couple I am traveling with is little disappointed and they are asking me if it happens to the other English to can not find the house of their dreams and to not to buy after a long journey. Yes, sometimes it happens, but they find their favorite villages surrounded by a pretty nature and offering amenities. When a proper house comes I let them know and they buy online. We supply a great numbers of pictures showing the character of the house as well as the parts in need of repair, etc.

It’s some 40km. a log distance so we stop for lunch. There are some small towns between the villages in which all the English fall in love with. The one we will stop in it today is named Gurkovo. There is a small traditional Bulgarian restaurant there where you can find very delicious food such as salads, soups, something on BBQ, etc. The restaurants in these types of towns are triple to ten times cheaper for compare to similar places in Sofia for example. The Bulgarians call them “mehana”. If you have been ever to Sofia, there is a restaurant on Vitosha boulevard called “Mehana Vitosha” ( Just to let you know that this street “boulevard Vitosha” is on 32th place in the world like most expensive renting rates for shops, restaurants, etc.)

The English now have the menu and of course they are joking with the prices. It’s the time to call their friends and let them know about the treasure they have just discovered (with my help) – It is a restaurant you could have a cup of coffee for 40 or 50 stotinka (20-25Euro cents, 17-19 penny) Great. It’s not a joke!

I feel that they are falling in love with the place. It has everything. It’s a town which has an emergency center, fire station, and police office, three extremely cheap restaurants you can eat in or take some food for home, several cafes, a bank office, clothes stores, supermarket, and an outdoor market. It’s in the Mountain; the air is absolutely fresh. It’s not an advertisement – it’s the true.
After the lunch it’s a time to continue with the viewing trip. To not to forget where we go.

It’s a white old style and well refurbished two story house surrounded by a solid build garden wall. There are some stones in front of the house as well as on the bottoms of the walls of the building. The garden is extremely big, there is an outdoor fountain, parking space for more then three cars, a garden shed you can park your car in if you want, an additional very beautiful building with wood work and a fire place you could spend unforgettable evenings and nights drinking your coffee of whiskey with friends.

Also there is a guest house in good condition consisting of a room with a place where a bathroom/w.c. can be built additionally. The house is very well renovated. You will ask What’s the price? – 36 000 Euros. It’s a good deal, is not it? Stay with me tomorrow to understand if they will decide to buy the property or not…

To be continued…

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