Which Sofia quarter do you prefer?

Which is the most preferred suburban residential quarter in Sofia/Bulgaria? That was asked recently on one of Bulgaria’s real estate portal.

The inquiry exclude quarters which are close to the city centre and the ones considered ‘worth the distance’ such as Boyana and Lozenets.

It turns out that most people were willing to move and live in Mladost 1,1a,2,3 & 4. They were mostly picked for the well developed infrastructure (bearing in mind both the existing road network and the new traffic projects) and the new business park which was developed a few years ago.

Traffic jams are soon expected to become history for residents of Mladost districts with the new ring road and the underground routes. Although it will take at least two more years for the new underground section to be finished, this does not worry residents at all.

Next in the chart are Vitosha and Lyulin. Mainly because the air is clear and the two are relateviley close to the city centre. Lyulin is also compared to Mladost and many point out even better reasons for buying a property there.

Lyulin favors the easy connection to the center via the underground and the relatively good infrastructure – most major boulevards have a satisfactory traffic capacity, one has access to the complex from several directions, there are still well-preserved green areas and have all necessary amenities – most banks already have offices in the area, commercial centers have been developed, enough schools and kindergartens as well, etc.

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