Why to buy property in Bulgaria?

From sun soaked beaches along the Black Sea coast to breathtaking mountain vistas, from the Blue Danube, to the Valley of the Roses, to the untouched forests of the Strandzha, from ancient, historical towns to modern luxury complexes, Bulgaria has it all.

From folk dance to modern ballet, from traditional music to modern pop culture, from cultural festivals to Internet Cafés, Bulgaria has them all.

From the first greeting to the lasting hospitality of the people, Bulgarians welcome all.

From summer sun to winter snow, from sunbathing to fishing, hunting to skiing, walking and climbing to golf, from ancient tracks to modern roads, Bulgaria welcomes all.

Thracian tombs, Grecian urns, Roman spas, Byzantine churches; relics of gold, silver, ceramic and stone, Bulgaria has them all.

These are some of the reasons why Bulgaria has become a popular destination for purchasing holiday homes; especially now, with much of the Mediterranean being overdeveloped and prices rocketing. With flights to Bulgaria growing fast, Bulgaria is now an attractive and economical alternative.

Bulgaria is also attracting other investors. With property prices expected to rise over the next few years by up to 40% year-on-year, property investors are purchasing a range of property; from apartments and villas on new beach and ski developments, to renovated village homes, to farmhouses that need modernisation and restoration.
Building and renovation costs are low, as are the costs of furnishing and maintaining a property, making it an ideal time for purchasing a property of your choice.

So why not enter this glorious realm and become part of Europe’s best kept secret;
before it’s too late!

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