Why to relocate to Bulgaria?

In the last years many foreigners made the decision to start a new life in Bulgaria. The main reason for the people to visit our country is the famous WWW (women- weather- wine). After the first food impacts of the visitors- sun, sea, mountains, good people, nice girls, cheap bars; the most people return to their countries. But some other foreigners made the decision to stay here. These second kind of people found something more in this country. Some say that it is something in the nature, other find something in the people… Most- likely it is a mix of history, beautiful nature and people with special life philosophy, which all forms the spirit of Bulgaria. When someone feels this spirit, this can be called love.

At this moment the properties in Bulgaria are very cheap, so maybe it’ s the perfect moment to invest in a Bulgarian real estate. Before you decide to buy property don’t just rush- try to rent something in the area and to check would you feel good in the environment. Some villages have large groups of a specific ethnic group, which fact can make your life a nightmare. Also, some villages are located near coal mines and huge thermal power plants and the air is more dirty than in the big city. Unfortunately many real estate agents will hide these facts.

And for final a very important detail: choose carefully your removal company. It is good to choose local moving company (to know the environment) , and reliable.

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