You don’t like dentists so you’ve never met mine

Hi! Do you like yourself? Is there anything you would like to change? What if you start from your teeth for example? If it is inside you can do the changes on your own, but as for the teeth the only way is to visit a good dentist in Bulgaria.

It’s my story. I am 26 and my teeth are not straight enough. Day after day I look at my smile and I don’t like the way it looks. After long hesitating I have decided to visit a dentist – orthodontist. How to find the best one? How much should I pay? How long should I stay with teeth braces?

Don’t hesitate anymore! It’s enough… I visited a dentist with a short blond hair whose name is Karagenska. She showed me plenty of pics with people (mainly children) whose teeth are perfect done. Being in a small city (Kazanlak – in central Bulgaria, 40 000 inhabitants) I had the chance to meet many people who were and who are her patients.

How do they feel? HAPPY! Is there any other orthodontics in the same city? Yes, her name is Mateva, but she is not good enough, she had an experience, however she is not the best specialist. How do I know about her? When I was 15 she was trying to help me with my problem. What’s the result? My teeth still at same position…

There’s no way back. I have token my decision! How much do I need to pay? The price for “Alexander” metal braces is 1600 BG, the ceramic once (in white) 2200 BGN for compare to other countries where you pay more in times for the same service. How do you pay this money?

You pay the half of it in cash in the very beginning when the dentist puts the braces, the rest you can pay at once at the end of the treatment or in several payments depending on how you prefer. What’s the type of braces I will choose? These one made of metal as they are more effective.

Are they ugly? It is depending on how you feel. What’s the first stage? X-ray photo showing the condition of your teeth. The assistant who has done it for me had the same problem. She was almost 40 wondering on how she would look with braces in her mouth.

No doubt… If I do not do it now I feel the same after 10 or 15 years. I promised her to go to see me when I have my braces on. After an estimation of my dentist, it is clear I should have my upper braces after I have 2 teeth out.

20 days later when the wounds are closed it starts. How long time does fixing take? 2 hours minimum. It’s painful because you can not shout your mouth 2 hours – it’s boring, but you know it worth. By the way I met a young boy with his mother wearing the same braces and asked him if it is painful. He said no for somebody as old as me.

If you have children with that kind of problem please solve it while they are young enough. We are wondering if it worth to pay for the pleasure to possess a Hollywood smile thinking about the way we will look like and about the money we must spend. Nobody will tell you about the pain you should live with.

Yes, my braces are on and the next stage is to buy something against ache for the next 3-5 days. So I must visit the first pharmacy for medicine and for a tooth brush (you need to use a special one if you are with braces).

What the important?
To eat fruits on pieces, no chewing gums, to wash your teeth minimum twice a day by an electric brush tooth by tooth, to use mouth water.

Do you think it worth? We will see later…

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