Young people doing nothing

Bulgaria has the highest deal in the European Union of young people who don’t work and don’t learn. Accordingly to the research the deal of these young people is 21.8 % compared to 12.8 % average deal for the European Union. The research is made between young people on age from 15 to 24 years. After Bulgaria are rated Italy, Ireland and Spain with approximately 18 % of young people in the same category. The lowest deal of such people have Netherlands (4.4 %) , Luxembourgh (5 %) and Denmark (6 %) .

Accordingly to the research Bulgaria losses 934 millions EUR because of the young people who don’t work and don ‘t learn. 6 millions from them are expenditures of the state, the other are not – released incomings.

Accordingly to the last datas of Eurostat, in the first quarter of 2011 the employment of the young people in EU is 32. 9 %, which is the lowest level in the history of the European Union. In July 2011 the unemployment between the young people in EU has been 20. 7 %, which means near 5 millions of unemployed young people.

The young people are most threatened from fireing in times of recession, because they have less experience and and professional ties in the institutions or companies where they work. The young people with bad education are three times more threatened to fall in the category. The children of divorced or not educated parents are also more threatened to become unemployed and not educated.

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